Become a Certified Peaceful Leader™ Enhance Trust, Safety, And Inclusion In Your Teams

Become a Certified Peaceful Leader™ Enhance Trust, Safety, And Inclusion In Your Teams

Professional online leadership training courses by People Leaders Club

The Certified Peaceful Leader™ Course

Looking to increase peace in the workplace?

The Peaceful Leaders Academy, from Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, trains and coaches workplace leaders to become Certified Peaceful Leaders™.

Organizational leaders are trained in the 5 Core Competencies of the Peaceful Leadership style, created by experts in organizational psychology and leadership development. There is no other leadership training designed specifically to improve relationships between leaders and their staff.

Interactive Training Modules

Our dynamic, interactive, self-paced training workshops cover the 5 Core Competencies required to become a Certified Peaceful Leader™, including applications and practical exercises.

Coaching & Reinforcement

Whether you’re dealing with challenging employees or situations, our coach-led, material reinforcement group sessions are great places to grow, learn, and get help as needed

Leadership Skills Resources

From articles and videos to webinar-style interviews and Q&As with experts, members are exposed to topics most critical to becoming Certified Peaceful Leaders™.

Peaceful Leadership

A Peaceful Leadership style centers around the 3 Psychological Pillars – Safety, Inclusion, and Trust – as well as the 5 Core Competencies:

  • Patience
  • Engagement
  • Appreciation
  • Curiosity
  • Empowerment

With PLA’s courses, you will learn how to:

  • lead difficult conversations
  • give constructive feedback on behavior
  • effectively coach employees
  • adopt best practices for creating peaceful, productive work cultures
  • workshop your own challenges
  • engage in inclusive decision-making
  • keep employees engaged
  • and much more…
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