Peaceful Leaders Academy Origins

As workplace peacebuilders for more than a decade, our team at Pollack Peacebuilding Systems has intervened in thousands of conflicts at hundreds of companies in more than 80 industries. Over the years, we realized that while each conflict and company is unique, there was a clear trend across organizations that were experiencing ongoing conflicts: ineffective leadership. In every organization that was experiencing escalated or long-term conflicts, the leaders were lacking some basic conflict management and communication skills. So, we put our heads together to determine which critical competencies and skills tended to be missing in leaders under whom regular conflicts emerged. And the Peaceful Leaders Academy was born!

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We identified more than a dozen crucial skills, housed within five core competencies (Patience, Engagement, Appreciation, Curiosity, and Empowerment), which lead to three core pillars of organizational peace: Trust, Inclusion, and Psychological Safety. This model became the Theory of Peaceful Leadership. When leaders practiced these skills, embodied these competencies, and established these pillars in their organizations, peace was a natural result. When they did not, conflict inevitably emerged. So, we built a robust training program to teach these skills and competencies to leaders all around the world.

This model became the Theory of Peaceful Leadership.


Open communication and effective collaboration among team members.


Contribution of diverse backgrounds and experiences, leading to enhanced decision-making and problem-solving.

Psychological Safety

Honest and open communication, better problem-solving and conflict resolution.

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Developed with the busy executive in mind, Peaceful Leaders Academy offers asynchronous education programs designed to help leaders maintain peace and productivity in their teams. Through our dynamic online learning management system, reinforced with regular instructor-led group coaching sessions, the programs at PLA have quickly become the most robust conflict management training programs in the world.

Designed to help leaders maintain peace and productivity.

The Peaceful Leaders Academy offers one core programs. The Certified Peaceful Leader™ program is a leadership enhancement program designed to help both seasoned and emerging leaders foster greater trust, psychological safety, and inclusion in their teams. Our Peaceful Teams program improves peace-oriented skills throughout the organization. Through our programs, which includes workshops, coaching, and resources, leaders and team members are trained in the 5 Core Competencies of the Peaceful Leadership style, created by experts in organizational psychology and leadership development.

The Peaceful Leaders Academy offers two core programs.

Our Team of Experts

Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D.

A leader in the field of conflict management and communication, Jeremy is an author, coach, trainer, and mediator, as well as the CEO of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems.

Sara Jeckovich, M.A.

An experienced organizational consultant, with a specialty in communication and conflict management. Sara has coached leaders through all variety of challenging situations.

Sherman Green, Ph.D.

As a master leadership coach, Sherman coaches executives and employees across a variety of industries to become better communicators, collaborators, and leaders.

Toni Hawkins, M.A.

A long-time mediator and coach, Toni has conducted EEO mediations for government agencies, led organizational change processes for organizations, and coached executives through challenging issues.

Luke Wiesner, M.S.

Luke is an expert coach, trainer, and organizational consultant. He founded UC Merced’s conflict management and coaching program and has facilitated change processes at various organizations.

Emily Machin Mayes

Emily Machin-Mayes, M.A.

As a conflict resolution specialist and trainer, Emily works with individuals and organizations across multiple industries, helping them to navigate the emotional, psychological, and strategic dimensions of conflict.

Get the Book!

Check out the newly released book by co-founders of the Peaceful Leaders Academy and Peaceful Leadership Theory! Filled with practical techniques and in-depth framework, Peaceful Leadership is the ultimate guide to fostering psychological safety, trust, and inclusion with your team. 

Custom Coaching & Training

We offer add-on individual and group coaching sessions to all our members, as well as custom training and coaching programs.

Inquire with your membership coordinator about developing just the right programs for your team.