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About the author : Valerie Dansereau

Regardless of your industry, it’s likely that conflict will affect you and those you work with sooner or later. People who interact for several hours every day often come from different backgrounds and have divergent interests, perspectives and thought processes. Personal stress including staffing shortages can affect work interactions. Are you prepared to handle conflict at work whenever it happens? There are several good reasons to consider pursuing a conflict management certificate online.

Understand the Possible Causes of Conflict

Ignoring conflicts and hoping they go away is usually not the best approach. If you don’t take the time to learn about managing workplace conflicts, you could be blindsided when a conflict simmers for a while and then suddenly explodes.

A conflict management certificate online includes important information about some of the possible causes of conflict such as widely different life experiences and unconscious bias. When you recognize signs in others such as body language and nonverbal cues, you may be able to prevent conflict before it begins or diffuse it before it intensifies, which can help you to keep the work environment safe and peaceful.

Enjoy Flexibility and Convenience

There are many options for learning conflict management skills. Conflict management certificates are offered both in-person and online. Both approaches can be beneficial, but you may find that a good reason to pursue a conflict management certificate online is that the hours are flexible and can be worked around a busy schedule.

Online training means you don’t have to travel somewhere that isn’t local which can save you or your company travel expenses as well as travel time. This means you don’t have to spend as much time away from your daily responsibilities.

Learn and Practice Conflict Resolution Skills

Online conflict resolution training gives you a chance to learn many important skills. A good program also gives you the chance to move from theory to action by giving you a chance to practice conflict resolution skills using role-playing. In most programs, you’ll learn a variety of conflict resolution skills. Some examples include active listening, team building, negotiation, intervention and mediation. You’ll learn the importance of managing your own emotions, how to choose the most effective response to a conflict and how to recognize when different tactics are needed.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Employee Turnover

Being able to handle conflicts when they happen can benefit just about everyone in the workplace. Conflict affects not only the people directly involved in the dispute but everyone around them as well. People often cite ineffective leadership as a reason for deciding to leave a company, and effective leaders address conflict rather than ignore it.

When conflict is managed promptly and the work environment is returned to peacefulness, it has a positive impact on the whole team. The work atmosphere is no longer tense, productivity is boosted and staff members that may have been considering leaving may decide to stay instead. Improving productivity and reducing employee turnover are a couple of good reasons to pursue a conflict management certificate online.

Approach Conflict with Confidence

Challenging yourself to learn all you can about how to handle conflict prepares you to approach any conflict with confidence. While it’s unrealistic to think you can be completely prepared for any possible scenario, having the skills to deal with conflict whenever it happens means that disputes will be dealt with before they escalate. You can feel confident that you have the skills and training to work with your team and to problem-solve until a resolution is found.

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About the author : Valerie Dansereau