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About the author : Nicole Dolinsek

Working with a leadership development coach is a great way to strengthen your existing leadership skills and add new ones to your repertoire. A professional leadership development coach can assist you in identifying your individual career goals, as well as what’s been getting in the way of you reaching them up until this point, while using their skills and experience to provide you with new tools and insights you can apply right to the job.

What is a Leadership Development Coach? 

A leadership development coach works one-on-one with business leaders looking to enhance their skills on the job. Through leadership online coaching classes, individual and group coaching sessions, and other methods of training, this relationship can help you address your growing edges and adopt new skills to give you confidence in your role. Whether you’re currently a leader, in pursuit of a leadership position, or happy working outside of leadership but wanting to embody the characteristics of someone dependable, empowered, decisive, and communicative, a coach can help you name your goals and develop a plan to reach them. 

Who Can Benefit from a Leadership Development Coach?

Those who would benefit most from working with a PLC leadership development coach are those interested in enhancing their business leadership skills, regardless of their role within an organization. Whether you’re managing people or not, leadership skills can enhance your demonstrated abilities in and beyond the office. Skills you can expect to strengthen by working with a coach include:

  • Improved communication
  • Ability to effectively manage conflict resolution
  • Confidently de-escalate disputes between employees, colleagues, or customers
  • Act quickly and decisively in stressful circumstances
  • Engage in creative problem-solving
  • Become a reliable member of any team you serve on

Leadership coaching classes help you identify general leadership skills that can apply to a broad range of situations, as well as more specific barriers that may come up for you more frequently based on your personality, experience, and tendencies as an individual. By identifying these, you can be more mindful of certain barriers and strengths you have that may otherwise go unnoticed in stressful circumstances, accessing your strengths more readily, building up new ones, and getting tripped up by your barriers less and less with practice. 

Working with a PLC leadership development coach can propel your career to the next level, aligning you with your goals, your skills, and yourself in a way that will clarify your unanswered questions and remove the barriers that have been standing in your way until now. 

About the author : Nicole Dolinsek