Conflict Coaching For Employees

About the author : Kent McGroarty

Conflict coaching is often thought of as something for managers and other business leaders. However, there are many reasons to consider conflict coaching for employees. If you are thinking about implementing a conflict coaching program at your business, take a moment to review what advantages your employees will enjoy.

They’ll Learn Effective Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict coaching sessions provide employees with the tools and resources necessary to solve issues quickly and effectively. Such sessions cover a wide variety of conflict resolution-related topics, such as active listening, calming breathing techniques, and stress reduction tips. The more your team learns about conflict resolution, the more open they will be to solving issues in a timely manner, because they’ll gain new perspectives on a wide variety of common interpersonal issues. As a result, you’ll create a happier, healthier work environment where productivity, not personal problems, are the focus.

Their Empathy For Each Other Will Likely Increase

Looking at issues from different viewpoints helps your team develop more empathy for each other. This reduces the chances of knee-jerk, hurtful responses said out of anger or irritation, because employees try to put themselves in the other’s shoes. For example, say an employee takes more smoke breaks than usual because they are dealing with the passing of a loved one. These breaks are a coping mechanism that helps them feel a little better, even though they are harming their health. A fellow employee might get annoyed about these breaks, because the team member comes in smelling like smoke or gets behind on their work.

By learning the reason behind the breaks, the second employee is less likely to have an inflammatory response that hurts the first employee’s extra-sensitive feelings. The second employee can have a private conversation with the first team member instead, and say something like, “I understand you are dealing with a loved one’s loss, and please know that I am always sending you healing vibes. I was hoping you could take fewer breaks to avoid productivity problems, or at least limit the breaks to your lunch hour? What do you think? I can also provide numerous resources about quitting tobacco if you want. I am here to help!”

They’ll Be Happier to Help Fellow Team Members

As empathy for their fellow employees increases, so will your team’s willingness to help each other. Rather than getting immediately frustrated or annoyed, team members who have undergone conflict coaching for employees often look for viable solutions. For example, if a staff member could use help putting presentations together, their fellow employees can provide tips that help them slay presentations, such as practicing in front of a mirror the night before or creating easy-to-read notes on large flash cards. The team member giving the presentation feels supported rather than accused of not doing good work, especially if their fellow team members focus on being tactful. They could say something like, “I used to get so nervous before presentations! I started practicing in front of a mirror a few nights before presentations. Watching myself helped me speak slower and more clearly, which sidestepped questions about what the heck I was saying! I have told so many people about this technique as a result, because I want everyone to excel!”

These advantages are just some of the reasons to move forward with conflict coaching for employees. After a few weeks, you’ll likely notice positive changes in your team and perhaps an even better workplace vibe. If conflict coaching for team members sounds ideal for your business, contact Peaceful Leaders Academy today!

About the author : Kent McGroarty