Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies

About the author : Kent McGroarty

No matter what industry you work in as a team leader, getting your certificate in peace and conflict studies is something to strongly consider. There are numerous advantages to earning your certificate, all of which help you become a more effective leader and create a more harmonious, productive work environment. Learn more about the benefits of peace and conflict study certificates, as well as what getting your certificate involves, via the following frequently-asked questions.

What is the Peaceful Leadership Style?

The Peaceful Leadership Style centers around three psychological pillars: trust, safety, and inclusion. To be a successful leader, it is essential for your team members to trust you and feel you are leading them in ways that keep their best interests and greatest strengths in mind. Your employees should also feel that you trust them to manage their time effectively and do their jobs well. They should also feel safe with you from a psychological standpoint and comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns, needs, values, and goals.

Finally, the peaceful leadership style means team members feel included in workplace decisions that affect them. They know providing input and feedback is possible without negative reactions or punishments.

How do I earn my certificate?

To earn your Peaceful Leaders Academy Leadership Training Certificate, you must become a member of the Peaceful Leaders Academy. Next, you’ll need to complete all eight training requirements, which includes the eight training modules, practice exercises, learning checks, and self-reflection exercises. Earning the certificate also includes attending a minimum of 12 group coaching sessions and passing the final certificate exam via the Peaceful Leadership Institute. Everyone who enrolls in the program enjoys a one-of-a-kind experience in leadership development, which includes access to a seemingly-endless array of resources from experts in the leadership and workplace communication industries.

Who should consider a peace and conflict studies program?

Many individuals across a variety of sectors benefit from taking peace and conflict studies programs, including new and emerging leaders in various industries, director and C-suite-level professionals, and human resources personnel. The program is also for anyone in leadership, managerial, and supervisor roles who want to take their leadership and conflict resolution skills to a new level. Even if you are not currently in a leadership role, conflict resolution studies can provide the foundation that helps you advance your career in the future. It shows that you are interested in becoming a manager or supervisor, and want to be the most effective leader possible. Employers are always impressed by those who take initiative and are interested in furthering their leadership education.

What are the benefits of getting my certificate?

Working on a certificate in peace and conflict studies gives you the opportunity to improve your communication and decision-making skills, learn more about working with others for maximum results, and discover how to manage a wide variety of conflicts in ways that do not cause further discord or ongoing problems. Your ability to solve problems creatively and quickly improves as well. The advantages peace and conflict studies provide allow you to move forward as a team leader, and advance your career in new and exciting ways. Many people who earn their certificates in peace and conflict studies find they have more confidence, because their abilities to solve problems and encourage workplace harmony have improved so greatly.

If earning your certificate in peace and conflict studies sounds right for your current leadership needs, contact Peaceful Leaders Academy today! It’s the first step in your peace and conflict studies education, and one you will be thankful for throughout the rest of your working life.

About the author : Kent McGroarty