What is a Summer Leadership Program

About the author : Kent McGroarty

There are many types of leadership programs out there, many of which are tailored to specific industries or demographics. These programs are also seasonal, with many occurring during warm weather. If you have been asking ‘what is a summer leadership program’ and have yet to obtain sufficient answers, get a crash course here.

Types of Summer Leadership Programs

The variety of summer leadership programs available means there is something for seemingly everyone. Banks, for example, often offer student leadership programs during the summer months, such as the Bank of America Student Leaders Program. It is an eight-week, highly-selective summer program where junior and senior high school students enjoy paid internships. Students get to choose the city where their internship happens.

Colleges are another institution offering summer leadership programs for high school students. The University of Notre Dame Leadership Seminar series, for example, is a week-long, competitive seminar program for high school juniors. Students get to learn about activism in their respective communities and review current events to strengthen their leadership prowess. The Wharton School of Business, which is part of the University of Pennsylvania, offers a program called ‘Leadership in the Business World’ where students receive a broad education in leadership. The program includes seminars on management, organizational strategy, business models, and negotiations. Students also go on field trips and participate in related simulations.

Some college leadership programs are specifically for women, such as the Indiana University – Young Women’s Institute. Other common types of summer leadership programs include those from nonprofit organizations and non-bank financial institutions. In light of COVID-19, virtual programs have also been available.

What Obtaining a Summer Leadership Program Involves

Learning what a summer leadership program is requires reviewing the materials necessary for program entry. What applicants need varies by program, but can include an online application, one or more essays, school transcript, letter of recommendation, extracurricular involvement list, resume, and leadership description. Some require SAT scores. Students typically receive responses two to three weeks after they apply.

Program costs vary as well. Some are free and offer stipends, while others cost several hundred or thousand dollars, but include room and board, food, and tuition.

Benefits of Summer Leadership Programs 

Summer leadership programs and seminars offer a variety of benefits for students. They get an idea of what college life will be like, learn new skills–leadership-based and otherwise–and enjoy networking opportunities. Participating in a leadership program helps students create a foundation for their future and think critically about what they want their career to entail. Students also get the opportunity to form friendships they might keep for life, which gives them extra training with their people skills.

Summer Leadership Programs For Professionals

Students are not the only demographic summer leadership programs are available to. There are also leadership programs for professionals, including aspiring entrepreneurs who recently hired their first employees. These individuals are typically independent contractors who are not responsible for managing team members, and need a little guidance. Early- and mid-career professionals benefit from leadership programs as well, including those who are taking on new managerial tasks. Project managers are frequent participants for this reason.

New leaders often register for summer leadership programs to help them hone existing skills and build on what they know. Programs give them opportunities to explore their new roles in safe environments and use the tools they learned in the workplace, which streamlines the transition and creates less stress.

A summer leadership program is a great way to gain experience and make connections within your industry. For more on what a summer leadership program is, contact Peaceful Leaders Club today!

About the author : Kent McGroarty