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Benefits of Online Conflict Coaching

Some conflicts lead to a constructive resolution while others just continue to intensify. Conflict coaching may be best way to find a resolution to worsening conflict. Benefits of working with a coach include:

  • Gain a better understanding of the issues
  • Learn effective techniques for managing conflict

  • Transform destructive conflict into constructive conflict

  • Reduce stress and health issues

  • Improve work relationships and trust

  • Enhance team collaboration and innovation

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Online Workplace Conflict Coaching

Workplace conflicts can be disruptive not only to those who are directly involved in a dispute but to everyone else nearby. When it becomes clear that a workplace conflict isn’t successfully working itself out, it’s important to find a way to effectively manage the conflict. That’s where a conflict coach comes in.

Any leadership development program can benefit from workplace conflict coaching. Conflict coaching can help people gain insights into how they’re currently addressing personal and professional conflicts and how resolving conflicts can be better handled in the future. A conflict coach can also assist in resolving problems being triggered by a specific conflict that’s currently happening and affecting people at your organization. Any person who feels stuck or frustrated by an ongoing conflict can benefit from working with a coach. Being able to consult a coach online eliminates the time and expense spent traveling to an outside location for coaching or training.

Why It’s Imperative to Develop Skills in Conflict Management

There’s little or no chance of completely avoiding workplace conflict. Time spent at work often exceeds the amount of time spent with family and friends and it’s inevitable that sooner or later there will be disagreements. People coming from different backgrounds and life experiences have their own perspectives, opinions and thought processes. At times, one team member may be unwilling to compromise with the other party leading to heated disputes.

Skills in conflict management and conflict resolution can be beneficial to people at every level of an organization. Effective conflict management depends on effective communication. Those in leadership positions need to be able to provide valuable feedback, improve processes and navigate change. When conflict erupts, leaders need to be ready to come up with a dispute resolution using clear strategies.

What Kind of Conflicts Can Benefit From Online Conflict Coaching?

Online conflict coaching can benefit any person experiencing a professional conflict and can be beneficial at any stage of a dispute. Examples of workplace conflicts that may reach a stalemate or intensify include:

  • Conflict between employees and managers
  • Conflict between coworkers
  • Conflict between departments

There are many different approaches to conflict coaching. Conflict coaching can be provided to each party in separate meetings or working together in mediation. Some scenarios that may benefit from conflict coaching include:

  • To navigate an ongoing conflict that’s unresolved
  • To try to prevent future disputes
  • To work on recognizing when it’s time to intervene

A conflict model can be designed using either group or team coaching in order to resolve a current conflict or to increase awareness on how to prevent conflict. This could include interviews or use a one on one process with individual members of a team.

What Happens When You Work with a Conflict Coach?

Many people are interested in finding out how the coaching process works. For conflict coaching to be effective, the coach needs to earn the trust of those in conflict so that they feel they have a safe way to say what’s on their mind.

When you work with a conflict coach, you have the option to work on general conflict management skills training or training that’s tailored to the needs of an individual in a specific situation. Our many clients each set their own goals in conflict coaching.

Examples of things you may want to work on with a coach include:

  • Communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Working with others to find a solution
  • Improved relationships with colleagues
  • Practicing skills through role play

At the end of each coaching session, the coach provides feedback and offers insight, and the next steps for the following session are defined. Building skills in managing conflict can take time and practice. As conflicts are resolved and conflict resolution skills are improved, you and your team can move past conflict and spend more time on the things that are most important to you.

Why Choose Peaceful Leaders Academy?

Peaceful Leaders Academy, from Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, offers expert conflict coaching training to workplace leaders and team members. Coaching programs offered by Peaceful Leaders Academy were created by experts in leadership development and organizational psychology and start with an initial assessment of the challenges faced by the participant to determine what type of coaching is needed.

Each coaching program is uniquely designed to build necessary competencies and enhance conflict management and communication skills. Conflict coaches lead material reinforcement group sessions and are a unique way to learn, grow and get help as needed.

Conflict is something not to fear but to manage and conflict coaching or training is crucial to every business. Whether you need a single session or a series of meetings, experts at Peaceful Leaders Academy can help you to develop the skills needed to successfully manage conflict and restore peace.

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